Time to get off the gravy train!

According to a recent survey carried out by reddit user generalscruff we live in a “Gravy Belt” and choose the traditional warm sauce when visiting our local chippy. The poll asked people across the UK to choose their favourite chip topping and the results were mapped out as follows. The Merseyside area chose gravy with ketchup & mayo taking over as you head into Cheshire and North Wales.

At Chip’d we know people like to try new flavours, taking influences from their travels or wanting sauces that meet their dietary needs. However, whilst we sell over 16 sauces in our shops ketchup is still king with garlic mayo, mayo, frites sauce and curry ketchup making up the top 5.

Owner Andrew Mckechnie commented “seeing gravy as number one doesn’t surprise me as this was a regular part of my diet when growing up. I am surprised that curry is not higher as this is very popular in our stores with our German style curry ketchup selling very well. We are always trying new sauces and getting feedback from our customers on what sauces to stock next. An amazing combo is mayo, satay and chopped onions. The dutch call it “War Chips” nobody really knows why… All we know is that it tastes gorgeous. 

If you have any suggestions on new dips from the menu, please let us know.

Here at Chip’d we have an amazing range of 16 sauces that you can dip one of our delicious chips into. We have 6 vegan sauces (curry ketchup is my favourite with the vegan mayo a close second) so we are a perfect stop for those on a plant-based diet. If you struggle with gluten, then fear not as we offer 12 delicious gluten free sauces to choose from. Just have a look at our menus when in store or ask one of our team members if you need any advice or recommendations on personal favourites.

So, whether you are looking for classic favourites such as ketchup or mayo, something spicier such as garlic sriracha or chipotle or you are the adventurous type and fancy some “War Chips” then you’ll be spoilt for choice at your local Chip’d. It’s time to rip up the sauce map, jump off the gravy train and give your taste buds a treat!