There is a freshly cooked chips war coming!

We all love freshly cooked chips. Salt & vinegar, curry sauce or gravy are the popular sauces on these shores. However, when it comes to Dutch style chips they come with a side of war!

Whether it’s Frites sauce, satay & mayo or curry ketchup with mayo & onion there is an army of Dutch sauces into which they regularly dip their delicious freshly cooked chips.

Leading them into battle is the uniquely named ‘Pataje Oolog’ which roughly translates as War Chips! It consists of a cone of freshly cooked chips, lightly salted and served with satay sauce, mayonnaise and a topping of diced onions.The satay-style sauce has its origins in the former Dutch East Indies, nowIndonesia, whose influence on local cuisine has been as significant as India’s has on the British palate.

You dip your Dutch style chips in the mix of Dutch sauces, pick up a few onions and taste heaven! There is no etiquette to eating the chips. Just use your fingers and try and get a bit of everything on your chip.

There are a few different theories on where the name comes from. In north of Holland they all it ‘Patat Oorlog’, in the south close toBelgium it is ‘friet oorlog’ with oorlog meaning war. One theory is that it was World War One allied soldiers fighting in Belgium who were first introduced to the tasty sauce combo.

The other is that the ‘war’ name comes from the fact that pretty soon your cone of chips looks like a battlefield with Dutch style chips,Dutch sauces and onion all over the place. A swirl of sauces that could resemble the muddy battlefields of Flanders with the odd chip breaking through, like a bombed shard of tree stump sporting chunks of onion shrapnel.

But we all know that the Dutch are lovers, not fighters so enjoy their Patajie Oorlog as a tasty dish whilst out and about with friends or as the perfect accompaniment to a few drinks (before, during and after).

Whatever you believe about the origin of this popular concoction, once you have tried it you will be addicted and despite the name you’ll find peace with the world!

Tempted? Get yourself down to Chip’d at 124 Northgate Street, Chester where you will find the best chips you have ever tasted, served with an amazing range of sauces and some delicious Dutch snacks such as Bitterlballen and Frikandel. Just bring a smile, no war thanks!