‘Delicious, Dutch Style Chips’

We love chips, you love chips, everyone loves chips! That perfect chip is a real treat but can be so hard to find with so many bland, watery, frozen, tasteless chips around.

We use a variety of potato which is recognised as the best in the Netherlands, we use the Dutch twice fried method, we cook them on a Dutch built range and we top our chips with amazing tasty Dutch sauces.

hand cut chips, skin on chips, dutch style chips, twice cooked chips


We take fresh Agria potatoes, hand CHIP them (skin on) and twice fry them in pure sunflower oil.

dutch style chip, dutch chips, Dutch chips Chester


Once perfectly cooked we FLIP them in nothing but sea salt.

dutch style chips, chips in a cone, frites sauce, dutch chip sauces


They are then served to you in a funky cone with your choice of sauce to DIP.

chip shop chester, dutch style chips, places to eat chester

No water storage, no potato whiteners, no additives, just fresh, nutritious potatoes cooked to perfection.

After a busy year cooking our chips at music & food festivals we are excited to announce that our first store in Chester is now open.

Come and visit us at our Chip Heaven store.